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Gary Crooks and Jason Enders are no strangers to the world of short track racing. Between them, they have more than forty years of experience. It was a shared love of short track racing that led to the formation of GRIP Seminars in 2010. Knowing that racers across the country didn’t have the time, funding or access to cutting edge technology and information, Gary and Jason wanted to find a way to help give every racer the chance to find victory lane.

“We wanted the guy who finishes 7th week in and week out to find that extra little push to get him into victory lane,” Gary explained. “These guys are out there working incredibly hard every week because they love racing, and so do we. And if something they learn from GRIP Seminars helps them steadily improve their race program, we’ve done what we set out to do.”

In 2011, the first GRIP Seminar was held in Portland, Maine. 45 racers – including drivers, car owners, crew chiefs and crew members – spent an intensive 4 days learning the ins and outs of basic setup, geometry, tires, bump stops, suspension set up and more.

“It’s really interesting to get a feel for what each person is after. Some of the guys could have talked setup for hours, while others wanted to know more about the tires, or the shocks, or how to better communicate between the driver and crew. We know that not everybody can live in Mooresville, NC, and be right in the heart of all this racing knowledge, so it’s our goal to get out to these racers and bring what we know, and have learned, to them,” Jason pointed out. “As long as people keep coming to the seminars, we’ll keep taking them all over the United States.” allows those racers who need a refresher or those who want to learn more to digest seminar content and apply it to their programs in an on-demand fashion. Content can be viewed a la carte or by each entire seminar day.

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